Hi-Create Machine Co.,Ltd.
Hi-Create Machine Co., Ltd.
Professional manufacturer of Diaper machine, Toilet paper machine, Paper cup machine, Ballon machine, Glove machine, EVA machine, etc.
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Hi-Create Machine Co., Ltd.

Hi-Create Machine Co.,Ltd.

Located in Xidong Industrial Zone, Luoyang Town, Huian, Quanzhou City in Fujian Province, Hi-Create Machine Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturing enterprise of paper processing machineries, packing machines and chemical forming equipments. Our offerings cover the whole plant machineries and turn-key engineering service for tissue, diaper, balloon, glove, EVA production lines, melamine forming lines. The service we provide includes the whole plant equipment design, manufacturing, installation, training as well as after-sales service, in addition, relevant auxiliary equipments and consumables are also supplied by us...

Full Servo Baby Diaper Machine
Full Automatic Baby Diaper Machine

1. This full automatic baby diaper machine can be used to produce ordinary, economical and upscale diaper products.
2. This full automatic baby diaper machine is equipped with automatic unwinding device, tension control device, automatic feeding device...

Full-automatic Toilet Paper/Kitchen Towel Machine
Full-automatic Toilet Paper/Kitchen Towel Machine

Automatic tray paper slitting rewinder is used to slit and rewind the toilet paper as its name shows, from single rewinding/slitting to double layer, three layer or four layer tray paper, in particular for folding paper tissue, napkin or boxed facial tissue...

Napkin Paper Machine
Napkin Paper Machine

1. Higher stability of central portion & higher running speed.
2. Better sealing, separation from paper chips, independent from host and transmission, easier clean-up.
3. Longer central portion service life & minimized unnecessary damage...

Full Automatic Paper Cup Machine
Full Automatic Paper Cup Machine

HC-PC-S Full automatic single-side PE coated paper cup machine is automatic forming machine handling multiple continuous processes, including automatic paper feeding (printed segmental paper), sealing (heat sealing of cup wall), oiling (lubrication)...

Balloon Printing Machine
Balloon Printing Machine

1. Low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy-to-use.
2. Stable and reliable performance of Pneumatic and electric components.
3. Straight structure...

Automatic Glove Knitting Machine
Automatic Glove Knitting Machine

Main Products: This Automatic glove knitting machine is used to produce various towels and gloves with anti-electricity, heat-proof or thermal insulation. The feature of easy operation matches perfectly to the industrial requirement. 5 toe socks and jacquard gloves...

Latex Condom Dipping Machine
Latex Condom Dipping Machine

Latex condom dipping machine adopts sophisticated dipping technology and advanced production process arrangement as well as diversified adjustment functions.
Reasonable design of this equipment prevents...

Water Cooling Cutting Machine
Water Cooling Cutting Machine

JB-900M Water cooling cutting machine applies to cold cutting of PE & EVA plates into the right size as required by some hydraulic mould.
Features of Water Cooling Cutting Machine:

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