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Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

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Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer
Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer
Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Model: JB-EO

Purposes: Medical equipment, endoscopes, rubber products, pharmaceutical, textile and biological products, cultural archives, instruments, hygiene products.

Principle and Features: Ethylene oxide sterilizer is special equipment for low temperature fumigation with ethylene oxide gas to sterilize the objects in an enclosed chamber at a certain temperature, pressure and humidity condition, featuring broad bactericidal spectrum, strong penetrability (cloth, cardboard, polyethylene film can be penetrated), thorough sterilization, non-damage to sterilized objected and providing easy storage condition for the sterilized objects.

Scope of Applications

1. Medical equipment: cardiac pacemakers, artificial hearts, dialysis, suction, oxygenator commutativity components, surgical automatic stitching instruments
2. Endoscope: laryngoscope, bronchoscope, fiberesophagoscope, mediastinoscope, cystoscope, the urethoscope, thoracoscope.
3. Rubber Products: gloves, finger cots, syringes, needles, blood collector, infusing outfit, collected urine bag, organ hose, nose hose, pipes, suction hose, contraception equipment.
4. Pharmaceutical: traditional Chinese and western medicine, cosmetics.
5. Textiles and biological products: chemical fiber clothing, blankets, carpets, gauze, bandages, dry cotton balls, cotton swabs, absorbent balls, dressing, towels, leather, fur products.
6. Cultural archives: paper currency, tickets, medical records, files, correspondence, historical relics, silk satin products, animal and plant specimens.
7. Instruments: electronic instruments, optical instruments, telephones and so on.
8. Hygiene products: women's health products, napkins, disposable tableware.

Structure of Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer:
The sterilizer consists of sterilization cabinet, auxiliary mechanism and electrical control cabinet, including heating recirculation, humidification, pneumatic devices, vacuum systems, air filtration, residual gas treatment unit, electric control as well as internal/external load transportation ancillary equipment.

Parameters of Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Characteristics of Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

1. Temperature Setting Range: 30~70℃,error control≤3℃, no-load temperature evenness is not bigger than ±3℃.
2. Relative Humidity Display Range: 0~99%RH.
3. Pressure Setting: -0.08MPa~+0.08MPa, vacuity error control is not bigger than ±0.005MPa.
4. Sterilizer chamber can withstand 1.5 times of maximum operation pressure, and maintain the pressure for 12 hour only with pressure drop ≤0.005MPa.
5. Vacuum seal test on sterilization chamber shows 0.05MPa of vacuity for 30min with vacuum variation ≤ 0.005MPa.

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