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Hi-Create Machine Co., Ltd.
Professional manufacturer of Diaper machine, Toilet paper machine, Paper cup machine, Ballon machine, Glove machine, EVA machine, etc.
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Hi-create is one of the professional manufacturers of kitchen and toilet papers, with various product lines including napkin paper machine, diaper paper machine, sanitary paper machine, panty liner machine, and what's more facial tissue is also one of our flagship products. Our facial tissue machine lines include: facial tissue machine, color box-drawing face tissue machine and face tissue folding machine, to fit for different demands.

Tissue Machine, which means boxed facial tissue machine in its full name, is the most typical equipment for boxed tissues making machinery that folds the already-cut paper in a triggered array, before being accommodated in the tissue box, where user can take the tissue one after one during daily usage. This advanced Facial tissue machine adopts vacuum adsorption, and automatic counting and folding device, with features like fast speed and accuracy.

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