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Panty Liner Machine

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Panty Liner Machine

Like Sanitary napkin machine, Panty liner machine is also one of our flagship products. Aside from pure machine, whole factory design, machine manufacturing, installation, training and after-sales service as well as relevant auxiliary equipment and consumables are amongst our offerings.

Basic Configuration of Panty Liner Machine

1. Geared crusher: crushes pulps. pulp feeding controlled by remote stepless adjustment knob.
2. Die wheel Devices.
3. Non-woven and Airlaid paper: compaction after glue spraying.
4. Peripheral seal device.
5. Release paper applying device: Length of paper is specified by customer.
6. Outer cutting devices: Cutter Material - U.S. D2, knife-shape is specified by customer.
7. 180° rotary device.
8. 90° rotary adsorbing device.
9. Synchronous Time Belts
10. Folding device
11. Pull-tape sticker applying device: Length is determined by customer
12. Small-bag pressure cutting (pressurization by cylinder): Length is determined by customer
13. Small-bag output: output in a whole array, or determined by customer.
14. Host: Variable frequency control

Other configurations

1. 3 sets of corrector:Hydrophilic non-woven fabric (or perforated film) 1 set, cast film 1 set, a small envelope a desk.
2. 3 sets of automatic feeding systems: Hydrophilic non-woven fabric (or perforated film), cast film, a small membrane.
3. 3 sets of automatic tension control systems with Danish DANFCE inverter in central unwinding mode: Hydrophilic nonwoven fabric (or perforated film), cast film, a small membrane.
4. Computer control system (PLC-touch screen - Frequency Control System). Device can stop and show the cause of failure automatically. In continuation or replacement of material feeding, rejection. process can be automatic. Daily output for each stage could be shown. Temperatures of different parts can be designed in a single part and displayed at any time.

Parameters of Panty Liner Machine

Sanitary Napkin Machine
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